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How about a rewards / punishment system?

  1. To be a member you will have to include your real name and address which will be used to enforce active participation. See below.
  2. If you recieve a box, you must send it back out to someone. Failure to do so the first time will result in your account being suspended for six months. Failure to do so twice will result in a permanent ban and publication of your details on the Greedy Participants page. You will be able to get this removed and be re-instated by packing up and sending three new boxes out to abiding members of your choosing who will upon recieving said packages will edit your entry on this page with the details that they recieved the package and when three entries are posted an admin will re-instate your account. This is not here to discourage participation but to encourage it.
  3. Successful completion of two boxes will result in an active member status being granted to your account and each successive completion of a box will increase that level. Those that reach a certain level (20-30 boxes?) will be granted something special?