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This page archives the original "Recipient Conditions" for The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk.

The current recommended procedures for participating in TGIMBOEJ are spelled out on the new page Participation.

  1. Take out and add as much electronics junk as you like (but keep it small enough to fit in a USPS flat-rate Priority Mail box or the equivalent for your postal system).
  2. Write up, photograph, document or otherwise publish in some way online at least one thing you took out (suggested flickr tag: TGIMBOEJ, see also: flickr group ).
  3. There is a little book in the box. Add a checkmark by your name to show that the box has been to you. Also propose a future recipient by adding their name and e-mail address to the book.
  4. Within two weeks pass the box along to one of the people whose name is in the book. Before mailing it to them, send them this list and make sure that they want to participate.