How to start a box

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These instructions are for starting a new TGIMBOEJ box, whether from scratch, or if you're splitting an existing box in two. In the latter case, keep the old name for one of the two new boxes, and split off the new box as a branch.

1. Get yourself a box.

2. Put your junk in the box.
  • Fill it most of the way with electronics junk and treasures; leave a little room for future contributions.

3. Give the new box a code name for tracking purposes.
  • We suggest a proper name-- like the name of a city, for example.
  • Choosing a name that describes the contents is strongly discouraged; contents do evolve over time.

4. Download & print the TGIMBOEJ forms (628 kB PDF file)
  • The first form is a "box log." Fill in the code name and the information about who started the box. (That's you.)
  • The second form is a copy of the TGIMBOEJ Participation instructions.
  • Include these two pages in the box when you pack it for shipment.

5. Offer your box to someone
  • As you would normally, following the TGIMBOEJ Participation guidelines.

6. Send off your box & Update the Box Tracking page.
  • Add information about your new box: code name, who made it, and the date.
  • Also update the page with where and when you shipped it.

7. Follow through.
  • As you would normally, following the TGIMBOEJ Participation guidelines: Help encourage the recipient of your new box to send it along within 14 days.