Brisvegas II

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  • Box assembled at Eviltechie HQ (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia). Writeup here
  • 7 July 2009 - Received by Evil Paul
  • 11 July 2009 - Evil Paul's documentation completed.


Intial contents of Brisvegas II

Multi-core cable RJ45 adaptors Parallel socket DB9 connectors DB25 connectors 9v power supply Static wrist straps Powertip LCD Lots of bags of connectors Surface mount resistors Stepper controllers Screws Washers Mounting hardware Anti static plugs Barcode reader thingies Bags of Capacitors Anti static foam EMF shielding kit Relay Power supplies Big capacitors Twisty cord Battery holder MoBo connectors Magnetic card reader Headers IC sockets Transistors Wire-wound resistors Emi filter CCF power supply Fan And loads of other geek goodies!