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Hi, I'm Mr. INTJ from San Diego, California  (My Facebook page)

I'm a software guy by day, and a wanna-be machinist, mechanical engineer, electronic engineer in my free time. I'm very interested in various fabbing technologies. I have my own CNC mill and lathe, and I'm working on a laser cutter/engraver at the moment. After that, a 3-D printer... but that's in the future for now.

I work for a large company that manufactures computer equipment. We do a lot of testing, and lots of electro-mechanical stuff gets tossed in the recycle bins. I salvage some for my own uses, and try to share the rest. So far, only about 1 in 6 of the boxes I've sent out have made it to a second recipient. If you get one of my boxes, please be kind and pass it on.

My contact information is HERE